Digital transformation with certSIGN and Mastercard

certSIGN has joined Mastercard’s approach to supporting businesses in Romania, by granting discounts to Mastercard Business or Corporate cardholders. Thus, the “Digitization package for your business” was born.

certSIGN and Mastercard offer a series of services that help you digitize your business and make your costs more efficient from the beginning. Holders of Mastercard Business or Corporate cards benefit from discounts of between 10% and 30% on the purchase of certSIGN eIDAS trust services – Paperless remote electronic signature, access to the Paperless flowSIGN signing platform and electronic archiving, and the consulting service is offered free of charge.

The detailed offer is available HERE.

Now you can digitize your business with the help of remote signing and electronic archiving solutions. You will also benefit from free advice from certSIGN specialists to find out how you can digitize your human resources department processes, the relationship with partners, collaborators and customers, but also what are the new market trends.

Qualified electronic signature is the most important tool in the process of digital transformation, because with its help, all the activity that involves the hand signing of papers can be moved online.

By using the qualified electronic signature, the documents retain their legal value, the time spent to sign a contract, for example, by many parties is much reduced, it is no longer necessary to sign on each page, there is no risk of damage or loss of the document, and the benefits can continue.

The numerous requests for digital transformation received recently from both the private and the public area, were answered by the remote electronic signing service, Paperless flowSIGN. This solution is implemented quickly, is extremely easy to use, allowing the signing of an electronically signed document by several signatories, respecting both the rigors generated by the pandemic and those of a legal nature.

Electronic archiving is another service that benefits from a discount in this campaign and that comes to complete the digital transformation process of the company. Once electronically signed, documents must also be stored and archived in the digital environment.

Digital transformation with certSIGN and Mastercard

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