How securing your website can help your business grow

Trust is essential in online transactions and, in today’s digital environment, trust is assured by web server (SSL) certificates.

Web server certificates provide two of the things that underpin any trust-based relationship: knowing the identity of the person / entity you communicate with (the owner of the website, in our case) and the confidentiality of the data you communicate (personal data, credit card information, username, password etc.).

In addition, as of October 2017, Google marks as unsafe any website that does not use a SSL certificate and its search algorithms are much friendlier with websites that have SSL certificates issued by a trust service provider.

Knowing the Identity

SSL Web server certificates assure users that a legitimate entity is behind the websites they are accessing. They ensure that the site is identified as belonging to a natural or legal person whose identity has been verified by the Trust Service Provider before issuing the server certificate.

Protection of exchanged information

In addition to verifying the identity of the site owner, server certificates create an SSL secure connection between the website and the user's browser. Thus, confidential data entered by the user on the site is encrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons.

As of July 1, 2016, server certificates are governed by the eIDAS Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services. The Regulation sets out clear and mandatory requirements for SSL web server certificates and the obligations of server certificate providers.

Since the entry into force of the eIDAS Regulation, server certificates are issued according to standards imposed by the European Standardization Institute – ETSI, which ensures a high level of transparency regarding the quality of the services offered to users, the responsibility of the providers for security services, trust in website associated data, and technology neutrality of services and solutions.

It is therefore obvious that the security of the website is already a necessity – an element that customers seek, recognize and trust.
The only Romanian company that provides SSL web server certificates according to the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation is certSIGN, one of the leading providers of trust services in the region.

CertSIGN also issues SSL web server certificates that are trusted by both Internet browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) as well as Microsoft, iOS, and Android operating systems.

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