OFFICIAL: From September 3, car sale-purchase contracts can be concluded with an electronic signature

Starting with Friday, September 3, 2021, the documents of alienation-acquisition of means of transport (car sale-purchase contracts) will be able to be concluded in digital format, with electronic signature, according to the new provisions introduced in the Fiscal Code by Government Ordinance no. 8/2021.

The electronic signing of the documents will be possible both between the persons who have the fiscal domicile in Romania, and between a person resident in the country and one with the domicile abroad.

The competent fiscal authorities (the one from the domicile of the seller and the one from the domicile of the buyer) will complete, electronically sign and send a copy of the documents to the parties.

The electronically signed car sale-purchase contracts will be sent, also by digital means, to the competent authorities with the deregistration, registration or matriculation of the means of transport, both by the seller and by the buyer or by the authorized person, as the case may be.

How do you get the electronic signature?

certSIGN, as a qualified trust service provider, offers qualified certificates for electronic signature stored on cryptographic devices (token signature) or in the cloud (cloud signature).

They have the equivalent legal effect of handwritten signatures and can be used both in relations with state institutions (ANAF, ONRC, CNAS, SICAP, etc.) and in business relations, ensuring the authenticity, integrity and legal value of documents of any kind.

Both types of qualified certificates can be obtained through a complete digital process from anywhere, without additional travel and paperwork, with online payment and video identification, requiring only a valid ID card, a good internet connection, a device with functional microphone and webcam and a card for online payment. You can get a qualified electronic signature on token here and a qualified electronic signature in the cloud here.

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