OMV Petrom, about the Paperless flowSIGN remote signing solution. Testimonial

OMV Petrom, the largest energy company in South-Eastern Europe, has implemented the Paperless flowSIGN remote qualified electronic signature solution, developed by certSIGN, on digital workflows – both for internal documents and for some of the external relations with suppliers and customers.

Through the Paperless flowSIGN solution that OMV Petrom has chosen to implement, given the desire to streamline activities and facilitate remote work, over 6,000 employees have access to the remote signing platform, benefiting from a 100% online experience using video identification for obtaining the qualified digital certificate.

“More than 3 years ago, we started by automating approval flows, then by implementing simple signatures – both for internal documents and for contracts with suppliers. Thus, a year ago, when many colleagues moved their office home in a very short time, we were ready but we needed a qualified digital signature provider. certSIGN became our partner due to the fact that it offered the integrated workflow solution [n.a. Paperless flowSIGN].”, said Oana Bucur, Director of Strategic Financial Projects and Investor Relations at OMV Petrom.

Using the solution for signing financial-accounting documents and many other types, such as those related to Human Resources, at the level of the company were noted a number of benefits: “It allows us to keep the social distance. The unpleasant situations that existed with the handwritten signing of the documents were eliminated – the lack of signature on one of the pages, damage for various reasons, the loss and so on.”, the OMV Petrom representative further pointed out in a dedicated testimonial that you can watch in full below.

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