Retail – Physical HR or Digital HR?

In the previous article, which you can read HERE, we presented how the HR of a bank is organized and what are the advantages of implementing a qualified electronic signature within the department.

This time we will approach the retail area, which has several specificities: large number of employees, high staff dynamics and centralized HR.

The digital transformation of various document flows is one of the main objectives of companies around the world, and we have noticed a significant increase in this trend in Romania as well. This goal, which was originally a medium-term goal, turned into a short-term, if not urgent, goal, due to the general tendency to move work from office to home due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

This year, the legislative framework was updated, by Law no. 208/2021 for the promulgation of GEO no. 36/2021, which provides for the way in which the working documents can be concluded with the help of the electronic signature.

In the case of the activity of the retail Human Resources departments, this new reality applies to a small extent, because the employees must be physically present at work, but the digital transformation of HR brings many benefits.

Recently, video interviews have been on an upward trend, primarily due to restrictions on physical contact, which has made the entire recruitment process easier. In this form, the whole process, from the interview to the signing of the documents and archiving can be done exclusively by HR specialists, without involving the head of the unit in the territory.

In quite a few cases, the task of actually holding the interviews and subsequently signing the documents is the responsibility of the store manager, especially if we are referring to a large retailer with offices all over the country and HR department at the central headquarters. And, not infrequently, a moment of inattention can mean lost days, and here we are referring to the fact that sometimes the handwritten signature of a page of the document is omitted. This means returning the documents by courier, resigning, sending them back to the headquarters, which translates into wasted time and money.

The human resource is extremely valuable in this field and it is important that the head of the unit dedicates his time to the specific activities of his job description, so that the activity is carried out in the best conditions and the business grows.

The qualified electronic signature would simplify the whole process, especially if we look at the permanent challenges that arise – the preparation of certificates, the consultation of the employment contract for the preparation of an additional act, etc. Another extremely useful tool is the electronic archive with legal value, with the help of which the consultation of documents is much faster, all being at a click away.

In addition, in retail, the dynamics of the staff is very high, which means that the time spent to sign work documents, whether they are employment or termination of professional relations, is very high. The implementation of digital tools will greatly reduce the management time of all documents related to the employee’s file, eliminating printing, sending by courier for signing to those responsible in the territory, the actual signing and then sending them back to headquarters.

Once a solution for the electronic signing of working documents has been adopted, this service can be extended to the OSH area (occupational safety and health).

In addition to all these benefits, we always mention the help we can provide to the environment, by not consuming paper.

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