SSL EV certificates issued by certSIGN are implicitly recognized by Microsoft

The certSIGN Root CA G2 certificate has been included in the Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program (MTRCP) and will automatically be recognized as trusted by Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

certSIGN Root CA G2 – Certification authority certificate by which certSIGN issues digital certificates for qualified electronic signature, for electronic seal and for Internet site authentication, according to the eIDAS Regulation – is the second certSIGN root certificate accepted in the MTRCP program. The first certificate included in this program, certSIGN Root CA, is believed to be trustworthy by Microsoft since 2008, when certSIGN successfully passed the WebTrust for CA audit.

The recognition of the certSIGN Root CA G2 certificate by Microsoft comes at the end of a successful admission process successfully conducted by certSIGN, which also included a rigorous audit of compliance with ETSI and CA / Browser Forum standards by LSTI – one of the most important audit firms in Europe.

With the inclusion of CERTSIGN Root CA G2 in the MTRCP program, certSIGN can issue SSL with Extended Validation (SSL EV) through its own certification authority.

SSL EV certificates are the most secure SSL certificates on the market and are used by high-quality online services such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Online Payment.

Before issuing an SSL EV certificate, certSIGN checks if the certificate applicant is a genuine entity if the entity has certSIGN authorized to issue the SSL EV certificate and if it holds the exclusive right to use the domain for which the certificate was requested.

SSL EV certificates issued by certSIGN confirm the authenticity of a website by including the company name that owns the website and the certification authority that issued the SSL EV certificate in the address bar of the web browser.

Thus, users of secure SSL EV certified sites issued by certSIGN know for sure who they belong to the sites they visit and can decide immediately if they can trust them.

certSIGN, the leading manufacturer and exporter of cryptographic solutions and trusted services in Romania, provides eIDAS-compliant trust services: qualified certificates for creating electronic signatures, qualified certificates for creating electronic seals, certificates for internet site authentication, qualified time stamping and remote electronic signature services.

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