The first 100% digital urbanism certificate, issued by Galati City Hall with the support of certSIGN

Galați City Hall issued the first urbanism certificate in an 100% digital format, using certSIGN's qualified remote electronic signature solution. It is the first such institution in Romania to adopt the issuance of urban planning certificates through fully digital flows, the project being possible also with the support of FIDA Solutions, software developer.

"Our intention is to come to the aid of citizens with modern and simple solutions, which will reduce as much as possible the waiting time, the queue and the counters. There are quite a few applications for digital planning certificates, so we found this solution with the support of our partners, and recently the first such certificate was issued. It is a premiere in Romania and a first step towards a more open administration with the provision of new electronic services to citizens ", said Ionuț Pucheanu, mayor of Galați.

Currently, such a certificate can be obtained by submitting an application in electronic format on the website of the mayor's office, and the document will be sent by e-mail. The process is done without any interaction with the town hall counter.

CertSIGN support: Qualified certificate for remote electronic signature 

The urbanism certificate issued in this way contains the nominal qualified electronic signatures of the representatives of the mayor's office, and at the end the electronic seal of the City Hall of Galați is applied.

certSIGN's vision on this project? The process of finding the best option for both the citizen and the mayor's office was quite long, in the sense that several solutions were tested until the optimal one was reached, to ensure that from the legal point of view it is 100% safe. With the help of electronic signing solutions, many document flows of state institutions can simplify and facilitate both the work of employees and the effort of citizens, and the option used at Galati City Hall can be easily implemented in any other city hall.

This solution is as useful and easy to implement as it is convenient, with an immediate impact in reducing costs compared to the classic process, on paper, and response times to citizens.

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