The stage of implementation of the Electronic Service for the long-term preservation and guarantee of electronic signatures

certSIGN, as Beneficiary, in partnership with the Military Unit 02648 – Military Technical Academy has been running, since July 2020, the project “Electronic service for the long-term preservation and guarantee of electronic signatures (LTPS)“.

The objective of the project is to innovate based on research and development in order to create a new electronic service for the long-term preservation and guarantee of electronic signatures.

certSIGN will thus expand its range of digital products that it provides, adding to the services of qualified electronic signature and remote electronic signature, digital identity and electronic archiving also the LTPS (mechanism through which, in the long run, any document can be opened and validated electronically signed).

At the moment, the project is in the activity of detailing requirements and experimental development that will be completed by the end of this year.

Together with our partners, the Military Unit 02648 – Military Technical Academy, have already been carried out:

  • Studies on the current technological level, stage in which 3 State of the Art studies were carried out:
  1. Study on the state of technological development of electronic signature validation and retention services
  2. Study on technologies and implementations of technical mechanisms for long-term preservation and guarantee of electronic signatures
  3. Study on the possibilities of using blockchain technology in the context of a long-term electronic signature preservation and guarantee service
  • Business cases, architecture and requirements – stage in which we performed the business analysis and system architecture, which resulted in:
  1. Defined business cases regarding the validation and long-term preservation of electronic signatures
  2. Specification of system requirements
  3. LTPS system architecture

Also, materials were written that appeared in the public space and we participated in national and international events where I supported the importance of the long-term validation service of signatures, such as:

  • Bucharest Tech Week – international event
  • Cluj Innovation Days – international conference
  • Mobile Communications & Telecom TV – EU Cyber Hub – national conference
  • Fast Forward – Organizations of the Future – national event

At the moment, the detailing of the requirements of the LTPS system components has started, following that the Prototype Development stage to start in November 2021.

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