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certSIGN at a glance

With over 20 years of experience in developing innovative, integrated and customized solutions for information security and digital identity, according to the specific needs of each client, certSIGN simplifies the activities of any company, providing safety to all digital processes. certSIGN’s expertise goes beyond romanian borders, providing security and electronic identity solutions in nearly 20 countries.





Operating its own security operations center (SOC) and providing Managed Security Services (MSSP), certSIGN has a strong knowledge on the cyber environment and cyber security solutions working with various clients from industry and public administration. certSIGN offers cyber security consultancy services and development of highly secure and resilient information systems both to conduct daily business and to protect the critical systems of key customers from national defense and homeland security, banking and telecom. 

Recognition of excellence

Contractele și alte documente importante pot fi aprobate oricând în câteva minute, când folosești semnătura electronică. Oriunde s-ar afla semnatarii – în orașe sau țări diferite, cu aplicațiile noastre de semnare e ca și cum ar fi mereu la aceeași masă.


For a 100% digital company, certSIGN developed the #gomobile solution, implemented with Samsung technologies. Designed to ensure the mobility, data security, efficiency and digitalization needs of any company, #gomobile can be successfully implemented and customized for various businesses – retail, production, logistics, pharma, finance and banks, public administration, etc.
#gomobile includes Samsung B2B mobile devices, Samsung Knox security platform, certSIGN’s implementation and consulting services & our productivity apps such as remote electronic signature, electronic archiving and Trust4Mobile secure communication app.


As Qualified Trust Services Provider, certSIGN issues qualified digital certificates for electronic signature, electronic seals and Web sites (SSL) as well as the time stamping service, in accordance with the European Regulation eIDAS 910/2014. You can also choose full mobility, with certSIGN’s eIDAS-compliant remote electronic signature that stores our clients’ digital certificates on certSIGN’s servers. This means that, to generate a legally binding electronic signature, no token or special drivers are required.

Recognition of excellence

The certSIGN team has received the most important recognition of a Qualified Trust Service Provider: the WebTrust for CA Audit and eIDAS Certification for a broad range of trust services. Also, since May 2019, following a successful audit conducted by the Secure Information Technology Center in Austria, the certSIGN „Paperless” Remote Qualified Electronic Signature and Remote Electronic Signature system has been certified as Qualified Signature and Seal Creation Device (QSCD) under eIDAS.

Electronic Signature – the Gateway to Digitization.

Discover the „ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE – THE GATEWAY TO DIGITIZATION” 2019 case study, drawn by IDC and supported by certSIGN, that analyses the impact of digitalization on the private companies and identifies the main technologies that lead the companies towards the digital business.


ARCHIVING SERVICES. We offer complete solutions for the physical and electronic archiving of documents, with legal value. Our solutions allow you to protect and optimize your information, and destroy documents you no longer need. Our services and solutions can be tailored to the needs of each customer, respecting all legal requirements.

CARDS PERSONALIZATION. We have complete expertise in all integrated products and services: card personalization (digital tachograph and other associated cards, driving license, transporation card, city cards etc.), certification services for chip cards (PKI, eIDAS, eHealth cards), implementation mode (personalization system implementation for the beneficiary, personalization services).


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