certSIGN remote electronic signature , one of the reasons why you must come to IMWorld 2018

Dedicated to the development and deployment of intelligence and cryptography systems for smart business, certSIGN supports – as a partner – the Internet & Mobile World 2018, the largest B2B B2B Southeast Europe conference on digital and IT solutions. At this year's IMWorld edition, we will be joining the business environment through our remote e-signature service, in line with current European legislation. 

certSIGN solutions in the context of IMWorld 2018 – remote electronic signature 

certSIGN emphasizes – in the context of IMWorld 2018 – the remote electronic signature service, in accordance with EU Regulation no. 910/2014 (eIDAS).

Typically, the electronic signing of a document is done by using a PC / laptop and a token – the cryptographic device on which the digital certificate and its keys are stored.

The remote electronic signature simplifies the process because secure storage of the digital certificate on certSIGN servers no longer requires special drivers and token and signature can be made from any device (laptop, mobile, tablet) anywhere, anytime.

Another strength of this solution is, beyond security and mobility, legal recognition, the eIDAS Regulation introducing the possibility of signing documents with legal value at a distance.

More about the benefits and importance of remote electronic signatures can be found in this article, published on the official Internet & Mobile World 2018 website.

IMWorld 2018 – where, when, what?

In figures, the 7th edition of this large-scale event, to be held at Romexpo Bucharest on 3-4 October, is remarked by the following:

  • over 9,000 business area visitors, of which 5,500 C-level;
  • 7 conference scenes (Main Stage, Security, IT Ops, Digital & E-Commerce, Java, .Net, MarTech) where 130 different presentation sessions will take place;
  • 7.194 square meters of IT and digital solutions exposure;
  • 146 national and international speakers.


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