certSIGN SSL certificates, recognized globally as trusted by the Mozilla Foundation

As of July 28, 2020, certSIGN Root CA G2 certificate is recognized as trusted by the Mozilla Firefox browser, being included in the Common CA Database by Mozilla (CCADB).

certSIGN is the only company in Romania that obtains this recognition of the high degree of security of data processed through a browser, becoming the only Romanian manufacturer of SSL certificates for sites that want to offer their customers the security of personal information.

This type of digital certificate is the most secure on the market and is used by online services, which require a high degree of trust, such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Online Payment or online stores.

Virtually any site that collects personal data should have such a SSL certificate, in order to comply with the GDPR rules. At the same time, this certificate guarantees the user that his data is secure (the connection is encrypted) and that the accessed site is legitimate, so that the data cannot be stolen.

Obtaining this recognition was a long and extensive process, consisting of two stages. In the first phase, an audit process took place, carried out by LSTI, one of the most important audit companies in France. In the second stage, the Mozilla Foundation, through the open source community, did a verification that lasted about 2 years.

Currently, the digital certificates for securing websites issued by certSIGN are trusted by all Internet users who use Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

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