Electronic Signature – 5 Essential Questions and Answers

If you are still one of those who haven’t become an electronic signature user, we will show you five reasons to "change the camp" – from handwritten to e-signature. Electronic signatures allow businesses of all kinds to simplify internal processes involving papers and signatures (the vast majority) in an efficient way.

We are convinced that you have a few questions on this subject, so we will answer you the most important and frequent of them.

1. Is the electronic signature legal? YES! EU Regulation eIDAS no. 910/2014 establishes that a qualified electronic signature has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature. Also, a qualified electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued by a Member State is recognized as a qualified electronic signature in all other Member States.

2. Is it safe? The electronic signature is under the control of the signatory who uses a token and a unique PIN. Any change to an electronically signed document is detectable. Thus, fraud attempts can be eliminated almost entirely, unlike a handwritten signature that can be easily patched and documents subsequently modified.

3. Is it necessary? Or – in other words – why should I use this option if I do well signing holograph? Take into account the following scenario – it takes a week or even more to have a document sent, signed and returned (in the happy case when you no longer discover mistakes and you have to take it from the bottom). Companies already signing electronics solve everything in minutes, because they already understand the advantages and the importance of the solution in the context of digitization. They have extended the use of electronic signatures beyond mandatory situations (ANAF, ITM, SEAP) in internal processes such as signing contracts with partners, recruiting / hiring processes, signing invoices, etc.

4. Is it easy to obtain? An electronic signature with legal value is that achieved through qualified digital certificates that can be obtained from qualified trust service providers. These include certSIGN, which provides 1, 2 or 3-year electronic signature kits, including:

• qualified digital certificate;

• clickSIGN signing application;

• Secure signature creation device;

• delivery costs of the certificate by express courier.

5. Is it expensive? We intend to address the financial side from another perspective, the operational costs and time resources involved – printing, signing, scanning, sending courier / mail, archiving or duration of these processes and materials used. If you sum up all these aspects and compare them to the price of an electronic signature kit, you will easily notice that the latter is much more advantageous.

To all this is added that the documents thus signed can be immediately archived electronically. Electronic archiving ensures instant access to information, security and easy sharing, more space and reduced costs (printing, transmission by post or courier and long-term preservation of documents).

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