Electronically sign documents for obtaining European funds

Since 2016, individuals and companies in Romania wishing to obtain European funds for business development have at their disposal the MySMIS system, through which the submission of funding applications can be done only by holding a qualified certificate for electronic signature issued by a qualified trust service provider such as certSIGN.

Some basic information

Specifically, those who want to submit financing projects through European non-reimbursable funds must create a user account and then log in to the MySMIS application, where they complete the funding application and attach the supporting documents. After generating the funding application document with all the data entered in .pdf format, it is electronically signed with a qualified certificate for electronic signature, uploaded to the system and sent to the responsible authority.

IMPORTANT! The qualified certificate for electronic signature, issued by a qualified trust service provider from Romania, is mandatory both for the registration in the system and for signing the financing application and other official documents. This ensures the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of documents.

Of course, let's not forget that, once the qualified certificate is purchased, the electronic signature can be used – more recently – also in the part of the projects won for the electronic signing of the financing contracts and the development of the project. But also in multiple other scenarios – from the relationship with other state institutions (ANAF, CNAS, ONRC, SICAP, ITM, etc.), to business flows (electronic signing of contracts with business partners, HR documents, etc.).

Q & A. Electronic signature and access to European non-reimbursable funds through MySMIS

1. Who needs a qualified digital certificate to register in MySMIS?

The qualified certificate is mandatory for the legal representative (or proxy) of a legal person wishing to apply for funding. Enrollment in the system can only be done based on this certificate.

2. Can the documents requested in certain stages of a project (submission, contracting, implementation, post-implementation) be signed on paper or is the electronic signature mandatory?

Even if some documents will be signed in physical format, on paper, when they are uploaded in the system, it is mandatory to countersign them with the electronic signature by the legal representative / proxy, the account holder in MySMIS.

3. Do the documents attached to the financing application (balance sheet, statute, business plan, etc.) have to be signed electronically on each page?

It is sufficient to apply a single electronic signature on a digital document by the legal representative.

Source: fonduri-ue.ro

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