Smart City development in Romania: about the digitalization of public administration and e-citizen. Digital Trust (ep. 6)

The digitalization of the public administration and the development of smart cities in Romania is a broad topic debated both at the institutional level, in the media, and from the citizens' perspective. But how do we go from words to deeds, from physically filed acts to an exclusively online interaction? All the more so since we cannot talk about a 100% Smart City (with smart lighting, selective recycling, intelligent parking system, etc.) if there are still queues at the counters and paper documents.

certSIGN e-citizen solutions for Smart City development in Romania

The development of electronic services for citizens (almost nonexistent at national level) is based on the need to offer an alternative to the classical method – that of going to the counter – without coming as an obligation to interact exclusively online with the local public administration.

Thus, the possibility of submitting electronically signed documents in a dedicated portal brings benefits not only from the time gained by streamlining processes (the institution receives, processes information in real time and responds quickly to you electronically), but also by transforming them into 100% eco-friendly (less trips to the city, less paper consumed, etc.).

More specific? Here are some of the cities where we implemented certSIGN e-citizen solutions for Smart City development in Romania, focused on digitizing citizen-institution interaction by using qualified digital certificates for electronic signature and qualified electronic seal, of course following the extension of this project as much as possible:

Alba Iulia. Starting June this year, citizens will be able to interact electronically with the town hall through a dedicated portal, after completing the process of indentification at the institution and being granted credentials. After that, for 1, 2 or 3 years (depending on the validity of the qualified certificate), the documents “traditionally” brought to the counter can be signed and transmitted electronically with legal value directly from the account (from anywhere, even mobile). In addition, the institution's response will also be electronically signed (tax certificates, town planning certificates, authorizations, decisions, etc.).

Oradea. From January, citizens can apply for and obtain online – on the City Hall's website – electronically signed tax certificates. In addition, at the institution level, employees use digital certificates certified for electronic signature in their internal workflows.

Galaţi. At the level of the local public administration in Galaţi, the electronic signature is used for urban planning certificates, which can be obtained online.

At the same time, e-citizen services have been implemented at the level of other tax departments such as Borșa, Botoșani, the Tax and Tax Directorate of Sector 5 Bucharest, concurrently preparing other mayor’s officesses on the Alba Iulia and Galați model.

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EP.6. Smart City development with e-citizen solutions

(invited Aurel Meiroşu, Business Development Manager certSIGN)

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