The Digital Certificate for Electronic Signature will also be used to submit online statements to the Environmental Fund (AFM)

The qualified digital certificate for electronic signature will also be used to submit online statements of obligations to the Environmental Fund by accessing the "Submitting online statements" service using the existing declaration forms on the AFM website.

The measure was regulated by Order no. 572/2019 – in force from this month, which specifies that those opting for this mode of filing must have a qualified electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued by a trusted service provider qualified, accredited in accordance with Regulation (EU) eIDAS no. 910/2014.

The legal representative or his empowered person holding a qualified electronic signature may submit the declarations within the IT application after the enrollment process, subject to the following conditions:

• the enrolled person is the holder of the qualified electronic signature certificate with which he has signed the enrollment application or the request for extension of his / her validity;

• the terms and conditions of use of the "Online Statement" service are accepted;

• consent is given to the use and processing of personal data in accordance with GDPR (EU) Regulation 2016/679.

In order to use the electronic submission of the AFM declarations without impediment, the period of validity of the certificate of the qualified certificate for the electronic signature used or the renewal of the certificate should be considered.

Upon renewal of the Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature by a qualified trust service provider, the enrolled person completes the "Request for Prolongation of Certificate Recognition" made available in the "Submit Online Statements" service, which will be signed with the new Qualified Certificate for electronic signature.

Taxpayers – individuals and businesses – enrolled on the platform will have access to features such as:

• electronic publishing, communication and printing of declarations on obligations to the Environment Fund;

• viewing the history of the statements communicated and downloading their statements;

• view and unload the status of payments made to the Environment Fund;

• receiving and discharging administrative-fiscal documents, procedural documents, applications, as well as other documents and information communicated by the Environmental Fund Administration, as the case may be;

• the communication of requests, requests, notifications, etc .;

• requesting the issuance of the certificate of tax certification regarding the obligations to the Environmental Fund in electronic form;

• viewing and downloading the tax certificate regarding the obligations to the Environmental Fund, issued in electronic form, valid with the electronic signature of the Environmental Fund Administration;

• revocation or renewal of the qualified electronic signature certificate.

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