The digitization of HR processes continues through certSIGN & TotalSoft electronic signature solution

Successfully implemented by several Romanian companies during the isolation period marked by the COVID-19 crisis, the electronic signature solution for Human Resources departments – developed by certSIGN and TotalSoft – is still an efficient digitization tool that allows remote business processes, in compliance with the applicable protection rules.

By integrating the Paperless remote electronic signature (a certSIGN solution audited and certified at European level) in the Charisma HCM suite (a TotalSoft HR management solution), Human Resources specialists are provided with the possibility to perform remote activity by simple, fast and secure electronic signing of all documents specific both to the recruitment and employment processes, and to those related to the employer-employee relation (employment contracts, additional documents, leave requests, etc.).

The solution developed by TotalSoft and certSIGN ensures compliance with the requirements of national and European legislation, and the electronically signed documents have legal value and do not require further processing in order to be transmitted.

Why the certSIGN – TotalSoft partnership on the HR area?

“The solution developed together with certSIGN reduces document signing time by up to 95%. Basically, the time required decreases from 2-3 days to a few minutes. I believe a lot in this partnership precisely because it brings major benefits to our clients, the vast majority of them being large and very large companies in Romania, with complex document signing flows. It is one of the reasons why the partnership took shape before the pandemic, the current context being a catalyst for its development.", said Gorkem Tursucu, CEO of TotalSoft.

“Until a few years ago, companies used electronic signatures only in reporting to ANAF or for public procurement, but the COVID-19 crisis made most companies use this service to facilitate remote work. Together with TotalSoft we aim to support the digitalization of the business environment and the efficiency of the activity by reducing the operational costs.", mentioned Adrian Floarea, CEO of certSIGN.

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