What documents can I electronically sign and send to the Trade Register (ONRC)?

Physical and legal persons holding a qualified certificate for electronic signature can interact online with the Trade Register (ONRC), by completing, signing and electronically submitting the specific applications available in the dedicated Service Portal.

Moreover, during this particular period, ONRC recommends the use of alternative means of communication for the submission of applications to the trade registry offices of the courts and to the National Trade Register Office, with electronic means being generally the fastest and most efficient:

• by e-mail, signed with a qualified electronic signature;

• online, through the online service portal of the National Trade Register Office, https://portal.onrc.ro, signed with a qualified electronic signature.

From the establishment until the registration of changes, a series of applications can be submitted directly online:

• application for registration of physical person / legal person;

• request for verification of availability / reservation of company name for physical / legal person;

• request for documents issuing (requesting certifying certificates for auction, leasing, bank, notary, certificates regarding the insolvency procedure, extracts of register regarding the state of the company, register extracts with the updated object of activity, issuing certified copies);

• request for information release (providing up-to-date information on company history, statistics);

• request for file completion;

• request for verification of availability / reservation of emblem (figurative, verbal or complex – combination of graphic representations and names);
• request for the submission and / or mention of documents (transfer of ownership rights over the shares, extension of the validity of the registered office / secondary office, submission of the updated constitutive act, submission of proof of payment of share capital, submission of the decisions of the general meeting regarding the increase / reduction of the share capital, the appointment of persons authorized, the duration of operation, dissolution, etc.);

• request for material errors correction;

• application for liquidator appointment (under Law no. 31/1990 or Law no. 359/2004);

• request for cancellation;

• request for the submission of financial statements (annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and, as the case may be, the publication in the Official Monitor of the announcement confirming the submission of the financial statements accompanied by the acts specified in the opis, respectively the submission of the declaration on its own responsibility);

• request for duplicate release;

• request to change activity object (update activity object according to CANE Rev.2, specify main activity, change registration certificate).

IMPORTANT! As pointed out in the guidelines for completing the forms of the Trade Register (ONRC), for signing and submitting documents online it is necessary to have a qualified digital certificate for electronic signature.

All documents, which support the application, are individually scanned, saved in .PDF files, electronically signed once (no matter how many pages they contain) and uploaded to the Documents section of the application stream.

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