Work-from-home solutions, 100% as in the office

Work-from-home can be transformed from an occasional benefit granted to certain employees – depending on the specifics of the job – into an optimal solution to ensure business continuity in exceptional situations. And because we are facing such an exceptional situation, more and more national and international companies opting for this style of work, we present the solutions that allow the employees to carry out their work-from-home, just like in the office.

Digitally sign, send and store any document!

With the help of qualified digital certificates for electronic signature, any document can be signed with legal value. And when we say "any", we are not limited to specific acts of processes in certain departments. From Top Management, to Sales, HR, Legal, Marketing, Financial-Accounting, regardless of the number of signatures required on an act, the qualified electronic signature simplifies and greatly streamlines the daily processing of business documentation. What can we sign? Offers, contracts, annexes, minutes, notices, approvals, reports of necessity, orders, requests for leave, settlements, invoices, etc.

Complementary, any document electronically signed can be transmitted easily and quickly by e-mail (to the other signatories or to the final recipient), with the possibility of electronic archiving it as a final step. And if we refer to documents or simply sensitive information transmitted by electronic mail, there is the possibility of opting for simple certificates for signing and encrypting emails, which ensures data security.

Bonus? Because we speak of accessibility from anywhere and anytime, the renewal of qualified digital certificates for electronic signature can be done exclusively online!

Accessing company data and resources securely

Work-from-home involves conducting activity predominantly in the electronic environment, which implies the need to ensure cyber security, especially since employees will access and exchange sensitive data, documents and resources. Simple certificates for VPN (Virtual Private Network) authentication and SSL-qualified certificates for site security make it possible to access resources, through encrypted and secure connections, with secure storage of data against hackers.

certSIGN, as a trusted Service Provider qualified according to eIDAS, not only provides all these solutions for work at home under conditions identical to the one at the office, but also uses these solutions internally, understanding the benefits offered from its own experience. This is why we encourage all businesses in Romania to opt for electronic signatures, certificates for signing and encrypting emails, certificates for VPN authentication and SSL for securing sites that allow unrestricted and safe work-from-home anytime – not just in exceptional situations.

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