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Recomandările Internet Engineering Task Force –

RFC 822 “Standard for the format of ARPA Internet text messages” 

RFC 1778 „The String Representation of Standard Attribute Syntaxes”

RFC 3647 „Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Framework”

RFC 2560 „X.509 Internet Public Key Infrastructure Online certificate Status Protocol – OCSP”

RFC 3039 “Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure – Qualified certificates Profile “

RFC 3161 „Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure – Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP)”

RFC 3280 “Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure certificate and certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile”

Recomandările International Telecommunication Union, seria X –

X.500 „Recommendation and International Standard that introduces the concepts of the Directory „

X.501 „Recommendation and International Standard that provides a number of different models for the Directory as a framework for the other ITU-T Recommendations in the X.500 series”

ITU-T X.509 v.3 „This Recommendation | International Standard defines a framework for public-key certificates and attribute certificates”

X.520 „This Recommendation | International Standard defines a number of attribute types and matching rules which may be found useful across a range of applications of the Directory”

Standardele PKCS ale RSA

PKCS#7 Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard

PKCS#10 certification Request Syntax Standard

PKCS#12 Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard

Standardele ISO –

ISO/IEC 11770-1 – Key management

ISO/IEC 13335 – Guidelines for Management of IT Security

ISO/IEC 17799 – Code of Practice for Information Security Management.

Standardele FIPS –

FIPS 112 – Password usage

FIPS 140 – 2 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules

Common Criteria –

Standardele ETSI –

ETSI TS 101456 (Ceriţele de Politică pentru Autorităţile de Certificare care emit certificate calificate)

Standardele CEN –

CEN CWA 14167 – Security Requirements for Trustworthy Systems Managing certificates for Electronic Signatures